Alps Ecoscience’s innovation continues with the launch of a bio-organic pool care range for hot tubs and swimming pools. This is the first of a range of plant based, non toxic water treatment products for the home and leisure market. Alps Ecoscience has created a consumer brand “Alps Eco” with its own brand identity and website. The brand has been designed by Gavin Collins at Mohtiv.

New environmentally friendly consumer Brand “Alps Eco”

Alps Eco branded bio-organic pool care products feature a patented bio organic catalyst. This acts on the root causes of water impurity breaking them down so they can be filtered away by the natural action of pool, spa or pond pumping systems. Water stays cleaner for longer, reducing the amount of chlorine additive creating a more natural bathing experience. Alps Eco products are bottled in the UK and are available to trade and domestic consumers at

Delivering sparkling clear water by targeting the causes of biofilm

The heart of the swimming pool or hot tub owners cloudy water challenge is the bather. They carry with them oil, grease, lotion, cosmetics and a bit of dirt. This gets deposited in the water creating a biological film which clouds the water and allows bacteria to grow. Large amounts of chlorine and chemical additives are then needed to sanitise and clear the pool. Alps Eco Pool Clear & Alps Eco Spa Clear, bio-organic pool care products work by removing the grease, oil and particles left by bathers reducing the biological film which denies the bacteria a home. Addressing the contamination source keeps the water clean and fresh for longer so less chlorine is needed. The result is a more natural “less sting, low odour swimming experience” for bathers and less chemical use by the pool owner. Win:Win.

More domestic applications for bio organic products

Bio-organic pool care products were an obvious start for a consumer range given Alps Ecoscience’s experience in commercial and industrial water treatment. However more products for cleaning and sanitising around the home are in development. Alps Ecoscience will utilise bio-organic technology as it is so effective at dissolving fats, oils and grease residues on surfaces or in liquids whilst being non toxic. With growing public interest in reducing chemical usage it seems the ideal time to launch plant based alternatives for the common home and garden cleaning tasks.

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