Alps Ecoscience offer a fully managed service for all aspects of the anaerobic digestion (AD) & biogas production lifecycle

Alps Ecoscience offer a fully managed service for all aspects of the anaerobic digestion (AD) & biogas production lifecycle

Encompassing consultancy, feasibility, pilot plants, commissioning, substrate pre-treatment, biological system balancing, AD production optimisation and plant performance recovery.

Our consultants, biological scientists and engineers provide:

Alps Ecoscience help enhance your AD system through biological process optimisation,
highlighting opportunities throughout the production lifecycle to improve yield and reduce costs.


Gain in
Organic Loading Rate


Reduction in
Hydraulic Retention Time


Return on
Optimisation Fees

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How we help

Alps Ecoscience has the knowledge to support you in all aspects of the anaerobic digestion (AD) & biogas production lifecycle.

Our fully managed service encompasses;

Biogas production lifecycle diagram

Continuous support, enduring partnership

Just as the waste to energy lifecycle is continuous so too should be the support you receive from us. At Alps Ecoscience we believe that through dedication to your success we build your trust and strengthen our partnership. Only through strong partnership can we will fulfil our purpose of “changing the world together”.

Anaerobic digestion process optimisation

Substrate pre-treatment technology

Alps Ecoscience help optimise anaerobic digester throughput to increase plant performance. A key component in our success has been the development of techniques to improve pre-treatment technologies that accelerate substrate decomposition and ensure complete digestion.

Anaerobic digestion substrate

Where we help

We support clients in a modular fashion, designing bespoke solutions to address their anaerobic digestion (AD) & biogas business challenges with specific emphasis on the substrate pretreatment. Typically, clients engage us for scientific advice and practical support on the following;

• New AD plant feasibility & design
• Substrate analysis and pre-treatment process design
• AD plant setup & initiation
• Rejuvenating AD plant performance
• Maintaining process stability & reducing maintenance
• Optimising digester throughput & biogas yield

We have strategic partnerships with global suppliers of industrial wastewater treatment and biogas recovery equipment. These enable us to support you with any scale of project involving anaerobic biological processes.

Checking biogas production readings

Request a free lab test

A lab test is one of the most effective ways to better understand an AD plant’s current performance and its full potential.

If you’re uncertain of where your AD production can be improved why not request one of our free lab tests.

Our biologists will analyse a sample, benchmark it and highlight available improvements.


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